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“Let your light shine”....

LIGHTWORK HYPNOSIS is a Toronto-based hypnosis clinic dedicated to the physical, emotional and spiritual evolution of the individual through the skilled use of hypnosis techniques by Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, an accredited consulting hypnotist, member of The National Hypnotists Guild, graduate of The Ontario Hypnosis Centre and holder of a special Past Life - Life Between life Certification from the National Hypnotists Guild. 

Whether you are seeking personal growth and positive change through:

*the cessation of a habit or behaviour, such as smoking
*the eradication of a phobia
*health and wellness
*the reduction of stress and anxiety 
*a desire to explore your unique spiritual path through past life regression   

LIGHTWORK HYPNOSIS is the facilitator that can help you to realize your full potential and let your light shine.

LIGHTWORK HYPNOSIS specializes in issues specific to artists, such as stage and audition anxiety, coping with competition, ego-strengthening, self-image and health and wellness.



"Lesley Mitchell-Clarke is a truly gifted hypnotist who has an intuitive understanding of, and belief in, the possibilities for personal growth and healing through the use of hypnosis. As a past life regressionist, she deftly guides her clients through their own personal and significant journeys with compassion, skill and insight."
- Dr. Georgina Cannon, Director and Founder - The Ontario Hypnosis Centre

"Lesley facilitated my first and only PLR session and was 100% successful in helping me to find the answers I so desperately sought. I had a mission-she helped me to accomplish it. She did so with the gentle, yet relentless leadership that is often required when the subconscious needs a push. I was unsure of the process going in and Lesley was extremely effective in guiding me through the various images that surfaced; at times they seemed to lack meaning or weight but with her direction they always evolved into a story that made perfect sense. I think the most important aspect to her session was how she repeatedly provided me with opportunity to learn from my past lives and ensured that I connect those lessons to today. I always felt safe and it was an incredibly positive experience. I slept for 11 hours that night!!".
-Pat Murray - Jazz Vocalist/Actor/Educator


COMING SOON to – Monthly Podcasts featuring interviews with noted authors, scientists, journalists and practitioners from the paranormal, metaphysical and spiritual disciplines.  Stay tuned!


Specializing in Artists' Issues:

Stage Anxiety
Memory enhancement
Life Changes
Negative Habit Cessation
Health and Wellness
Past Life Regressions