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Contact Group International

Contact Group International (CGI)

Founded in 2011, and officially launched in January, 2012 (an auspicious year for many of us), Contact Group International (CGI) is the brainchild of Wes Roberts and Lesley Mitchell-Clarke. These two individuals met on common ground: after over two decades of wondering what his ‘dream’ experiences between the late 1980s and 2010 had really meant, Wes saw Lesley for his inaugural hypnosis appointment in February, 2011. It wasn’t long, under Lesley’s deft guidance, that he discovered his mid-1980s experiences, along with many other experiences, were not dreams.

Throughout 2011, as hypnosis sessions revealed Wes’ abduction experiences as a child, and to a point stretching forward it time to today, it became clear to both he and Lesley that:

  • There were greater purposes at hand,
  • They could share, encourage, and embrace the experiences of others, and;
  • They weren’t the only hypnotist/subject who had arrived at similar conclusions.

Neither Wes nor Lesley are interested in forming (or maintaining) an abductee self-help group (nor do they feel qualified to do so). But they are interested in bringing a group of people together who already believe humans are in contact with other life forms—ultra or extraterrestrial, even multi-dimensional. Such a group should form a strong basis for collaboration. And such collaboration could help bridge the ever-closing gap between other life forms and humans.

Basic Tenets of CGI

As the name implies, Contact Group International (CGI) will be comprised of its two cofounders—Lesley Mitchell-Clarke and Wes Roberts, both Co-Directors of the Group—and ideally, an international collection of like-minded individuals.

The initial working premise and tenets of the group may be found in the following statements:

  • Non-human intelligence exists in various forms, in other sentient beings.
  • Non-human intelligence or consciousness may exist in forms that are manifest. Additionally, they may exist in forms we cannot recognize as manifest, or recognize as “forms” at all, due to current limitations in our knowledge of other life or energy forms.
  • For as long as man has existed in his current form, but most likely pre-dating history as we know it by tens or even hundreds of thousands of years, non-human intelligences have been interacting with—perhaps teaching, perhaps changing—humans.
  • All members of CGI acknowledge the existence of non-human intelligences as a fact, whether or not from direct experience with such a being or beings.
  • All members of CGI, from whatever walk of life, and whatever their individual strengths, specialties, or areas of expertise, will work toward the common two-part goal of (a) furthering their knowledge of other sentient life forms, and (b) when and where possible, working directly with said life forms toward moving our own evolution further along.

Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values

We are still in the early and formative stages of CGI’s existence—and hence haven’t refined our Vision, Mission Statement, or Core Values. But we have working text for the same, and would like to present it to you now.

The Vision Statement of Contact Group International (CGI) includes a long-term view of “a group of awakened individuals, consciously and collaboratively working alongside other sentient life forms, for the benefit of themselves, mankind, and the other sentient life forms.”

Our Mission Statement includes that “CGI will work individually, and in groups, to raise awareness of other sentient life forms, to connect with other sentient life forms, and together with such life forms, bring their and our combined knowledge to anyone who might benefit from it.”

Our Core Values include the five tenets stated above, plus, that all members of CGI, now or in the future, should play a vital role toward the Group achieving its goals.

Further, our Core Values require all potential members will be truthful in answering any questionnaire they are asked to complete, and of course in all interactions with other members; and that all members, once accepted into CGI, will behave ethically, legally, and always, with sensitivity and consideration of all other members.

We presently envision three levels of membership in CGI besides that of the Co-Founders/Co-Directors: Full Member, Associate Member, and Supporting Member. The Co-Founders/Co-Directors, along with all Full Members (once accepted as such) will be expected to contribute findings, information, ideas, and their energies to the Group.

Other levels of membership—specifically, an Associate or Supporting member—will be described in a future document.

Initially there will be no cost attached to Full or Associate Members, though a Supporting Member (in essence, a Friend of CGI), will be expected to make a donation. We ask all Full or Associate Members, however, to understand that once the Group begins to demand extra time or resources from its Co-
Directors/Co-founders, we may ask annual donations or dues in order to defray or cover costs.

Before Indicating Your Interest In Becoming a Full or Associate Member Of CGI:

1. Please read and review the Basic Tenets of CGI, as outlined above.
2. Please read and review the Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values, as outlined above.
3. Contact either of the Co-Directors/Co-founders if you do not understand something in 1. or 2., above.
4. Honestly ask yourself how or where you feel you’d fit in with the Group, and ask yourself if you agree with the Group’s Tenets, Vision and Mission
Statements, and Core Values, and what level of membership you feel you’d be initially interested in.

Once you’ve done the little bit of reading we’ve asked you to, and gone through the checklist above, if you’re still interested in indicating to us your interest in becoming a member of this group—the form below is not the actual application for Group membership—please complete all the fields in the form below, and click the Submit button when you’re done.

Once you’ve submitted the form, the Co-Founders ask for your patience while they review your submission. One of us will get back to you within a couple of weeks. At that time, we will invite you to fill out an Application for Membership in CGI form, according to the membership level you’re interested in, or will ask you for clarification about the initial form you filled out, or will let you know why we feel you do not currently qualify to apply for membership in the Group.

To indicate your interest in CGI, please complete all fields in the following form (INITIAL is optional).











If your answer is yes, please type the details here…

By clicking this check box, you agree that Wes Roberts or Lesley Mitchell-Clarke may contact you with respects to your interest in membership in CGI.



Privacy Statement

We respect your privacy! We will not share any of your information with anyone else, without your express consent. Ever. We will only contact you by e-mail if you have written to us, or filled out a form that includes your e-mail address. Any further contact between you and CGI, or any of its members, will be a decision you make.

The Contact Group International Founders/Directors:

Wes Roberts   Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

Wes Roberts

Co-Founder/Co-Director, CGI Producer, CONTACT with Lesley


Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

Co-Founder/Co-Director, CGI
Host, CONTACT with Lesley


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Stage Anxiety
Memory enhancement
Life Changes
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