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“Other Voices”

LIGHTWORK HYPNOSIS is thrilled to announce a new interview feature, "Other Voices". Twice monthly, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke will host sixty minute (approx.), informal, personal interviews with authors, educators, alternative health practitioners, master hypnotists, UFOlogists, "Contactees" and other accomplished figures of modern psychology, philosophy and metaphysical disciplines. These in-depth and insightful interviews will be available for download (at no cost) at Our debut interview will be with "Wes Roberts" an educator and multiple Experiencer/Abductee who has been researching his experiences through the use of hypnosis. Don't miss this revealing and fascinating chat!

First Guest: "Experiencer" and Educator, Wes Roberts
Download Interview here: Wes Roberts Link (LARGE WAV FILE)

BlogTalkRadio Hypnotherapist, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke explores the experiences of "Contactees" through appearances by special guests and clients. Listen to the current broadcasts, on-demand episodes and check out the upcoming broadcasts by visiting blogtalkradio [CLICK HERE]


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Ashville Magazine

CBS News, Rolling Stone Magazine, and The New York Times have all referred to the mystical, southern Appalachian town of Asheville, North Carolina as "America's Mecca of New Age Consciousness".

Now, from this planetary vortex, comes a unique national new age and metaphysical online publication called simply, Asheville Magazine. Soon to be radio and TV as well, check them out at, or simply type Asheville Magazine in your search engine.


Enchanted Reveries - Handcrafted Jewlery for the spirit

Metaphysical jewelry with a touch of magic to inspire the spirit!  Earrings, bracelets and necklaces hand crafted from semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver, silver-plated pewter charms and other symbolic and colorful ingredients.



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Specializing in Artists' Issues:

Stage Anxiety
Memory enhancement
Life Changes
Negative Habit Cessation
Health and Wellness
Past Life Regressions